The actual experience of life has been so consuming lately that I still have not been motivated to attempt to get this blog off the ground. Perhaps I am not a blogger. Yet, anything that can force me to write more is perhaps necessary, although probably not during the month of November (see the last post). And if anyone actually does read this, they are most likely noticing that I have not gotten around to learning how to enhance the "environment" of my little page. No fancy stuff around the edges. At least for now. Ah well, what you see is what you get.


It is officially less than one month until the kick-off of NaNoWriMo. Last year I missed the sign-up deadline, attempted to write the required 50,000 word novel in one month anyway, started over three times, couldn't get anyone else I knew to do it with me, and eventually gave up for good when it hit Thanksgiving and I was too far behind to ever dream of finishing on time. Perhaps the fact that I knew my name would not be on the list of the finishers and that my word count would not be verified by the WriMos themselves lessened my drive to work on it seriously. This year will be different. I am planning ahead. I am getting ready. I am tearing through the books I've borrowed from friends so that I can return them before November begins. I am (attempting to) get my characters and ideas ready in my head, so I have at least some clue where to begin when the start bell tolls. I am prepping the espresso machine. I am telling my family that I just won't be there for Thanksgiving. I am going to try to find some locals who are doing all of the above too, so I have a support group, and someone to party with when it's finished. I am psyched.