I spent much of this morning making some changes to this little page. Changed the look a bit, added a comments feature that could be pretty neat if anyone ever visits my page. I'm so new to this blogging thing, it still seems unreal that people I don't know will ever actually read any of this. The irony in this morning is that it is beautifully sunny and clear outside today, which is completely unnatural for January in the Pacific Northwest. And a couple of seagulls are duking it out with a bunch of crows right outside the window by my desk. The seagulls are outnumbered, but they're winning anyway - bigger and meaner if you ask me. Anyway, sunny day and I am inside sitting in front of a computer screen and my back is aching. That part is much too much like a weekday.

The medium of blogging has completely intrigued me over the past six months of so. There are a few blogs out there that I've been reading for about a year, and it's become a major ritual of my day, usually when I need a laugh and five minutes of not-thinking-about work. Only recently did I really realize how many bloggers are out there. I created this page this summer, mostly as an experiment. I didn't quite intend to keep it, and I definitely didn't plan to tell anyone about it. But now it's here, and I'm here, so we'll see how we get along if we start spending more time together. From the archives it's pretty obvious that we've had a distant relationship thus far. Another reason that I decided to try to pull this page into a more fulfilled existence is that I need something to get me thinking about writing, every day. Not to say that this page will include any great writing, but the routine and the practice is what I need right now. So, we shall see. To a relative outsider, the blogging community appears to have both good and bad aspects, like any community of such size will. However, it still appears to be more open and forgiving than any group of strangers that I would pass by in a coffeeshop or tavern. Most of the community seems to be very welcoming and interested in each other. Perhaps I am wrong? At this point, it's hard for me to tell if people are simply comparing lives, or attempting to share in each others' lives on a more personal level. I hope it's the latter, simply because we need more community wherever we can find it these days. I don't know any of my neighbors and I think that's fairly common (although I live in an apartment building with a fairly high turnover due to proximity to a college campus, so perhaps others have a better chance to get to know their neighbors before they move every six months or so.) I don't believe that interactions over the net can replace a good old-fashioned personal conversation over a caffeinated beverage, at least not for me, but that doesn't mean that getting to know people online, reading about their day, their families, their likes and dislikes, etc. doesn't have a place. It's just a different place, where the medium is more elastic and the world is much bigger.


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