Today's posting at dooce.com brought on a serious case of nostalgia. So does every glance in the window of Hot Topic at the mall. Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears, My Little Pony, and Rainbow Brite, now on adult-size t-shirts and underwear, because we want it back. The joy of synthetic fruit scents infused into plastic dolls. The comfort of huggable Pound Puppies (and don't forget Pound Purries - mine was named Duchess) and Cabbage Patch Kids. I remember the day my Rainbow Brite doll was stolen from me on the playground at school in the first grade, and the girl who took it claimed it was hers, so the recess lady didn't make her give it back. That was the first thing that was ever taken from me that I couldn't retrieve. I also remember that Cabbage Patch Kids made effective playground weapons, because if you swung them by the feet, that hard plastic head made a great wrecking ball.

I remember the plastic charm bracelets and necklaces, with little clip-on shoes, telephones, etc. I remember I had an egglant charm - why an eggplant? And of course jelly shoes and jelly bracelets, and the hard plastic bracelets that all clinked together with every movement. The home-decorated puffy paint t-shirts, the neon paint-splattered Keds, and the hot pink legwarmers. The girl at school who always wore a black hat, white shirt, and black suspenders because she idolized Debbie Gibson. She even wore the Debbie Gibson perfume - what was that called? Electric something... I wore Love's Baby Soft and had a poster of Wham! on my wall.

We melted Make-it and Bake-it into suncatchers every Christmas, and I tried to keep my sea monkeys alive for more than a week. My brother's ant farm had approximately the same success rate. I had a yellow Cabbage Patch Kids lunchbox, and a gray Trapper Keeper with pink paint splatters and a picture of a kitten on the front. I took Spaghetti-Os for lunch in a thermos, and traded Garbage Pail Kids cards. My brother and I played Q-Bert, Pac-Man, Super Breakout, and Missile Command on the Atari. We each had one of those stuffed animals that are two animals put together - his was Bumblelion and mine was Eleroo - I can't remember what they were called. And Popples, and the Get-Along Gang on their plastic roller skates.

Wow, I hadn't thought of much of that stuff in years. Amazing what a little spark will do.


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