Another vivid dream you're probably not interested in: I am in a play with my best friend from high school and Dooce, and I haven't even finished reading the script, much less learned my lines. It's opening night a few minutes before the curtains open, and I'm frantically trying to cram the lines into my head, but people keep coming up and talking to me and asking me to do things for them. I think it's a high school play actually, because the teacher is sort of a modified version of my high school drama teacher. Her husband is sick, and he's laying on the bed on the stage, and we have to get him off the stage before the curtain opens. He's a really large man though, and we can't lift him. That's it - then the alarm went off, thankfully before the curtain opened and I didn't know my lines. I have dreams in which I don't know my lines a lot. Does that mean that is my greatest fear?


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