I just found out that I am part of one of the most misunderstood groups in America. See Caring for Your Introvert, from The Atlantic. As someone way on the INFP side of the Myers-Briggs scale, I can identify, although I don't necessarily think all introverts think alike. I have always detested any sort of label, and I suppose INFP is one too, although that test was freaking long, and I think it's a more valid label than most. I've discovered that lots of bloggers seem to be introverts in their daily lives. It's easier for me to write than talk to people, and I think that holds true for many. My introverted brother and I just stare at each other if we end up in the same room, but we can actually have a real conversation over email! Takes some of the pressure off, I guess. One of the few cases (in my opinion) in which the internet can be good for human interaction.


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