Okay, I know usually no one cares about anyone else's dreams, because we're really only interested in our own. But I'm going to write about the dream I had last night anyway, because it actually had lions and tigers and bears in it, and how often does that happen? So, in this dream, I'm at this sort of party and I'm flirting with two guys who I had crushes on in grade school, but whom I haven't seen since then. So, they looked like they did in sixth grade basically, only taller. Did I mention that we are all playing Atari? One guy is telling me that he's so happy to see me again, and I'm feeling pretty nice and flattered, when suddenly these half-size lions and tigers start running in and attacking people. I say half-size because they were smaller than an actual lion or tiger would be in reality, but in the dream they were perfectly normal. So, chaos ensues and all the people at this party are running everywhere. I decide that it would be safer outside, so I run with some people out to the end of a dock that happens to be connected to the house we were in. Then two brown bears and two polar bears start coming down the dock toward us. I get the bright idea to jump off the dock and hide from the bears underwater, so I leap off and splash way down under the water and start swimming. Usually I can breathe underwater in my dreams, but not in this one. Of course the polar bears both jump in after me and another girl who jumped in the water too. So, I'm trying to outswim a polar bear underwater, and I'm going to need to come up for air soon. And then I suppose I must have woken up, because I don't remember any more. Oh my!


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