There are definitely things to be said for my office being in the best location in town. During a 30 minute lunch break, I can walk down to the corner of 16th and Taylor, which has got one of the best views of the bay around, then saunter through neighborhoods of lucky people who have nice homes with views, ending by coming back up over Douglas Street to a huge Mount Baker, practically glowing in the sunlight. On the way back, a hawk was circling slowly against a brilliant blue sky backdrop over someone's backyard, before finally dropping down on whatever was lunch. That's the first time I've seen a hawk in town; they are good luck. Although maybe that one's a little lost. These gorgeous sunny days and my spring fever are costing me my overtime check padding, but I guess that's OK. It's cheaper than Prozac, and I just can't help but be happy walking through Fairhaven in the sunshine. I regularly forget how completely cool this town I live in really is. And I got a new bouncy ball today, and chasing a little rubber ball up the sidewalk in the sunshine is the best therapy ever.


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