I want to know whose bright idea it was to make Dentyne Ice Arctic Chill flavored gum taste exactly like Robitussin cough syrup. I'm reading Fast Food Nation, so I know someone at International Flavors and Fragrances in New Jersey is probably responsible, and I'd just like them to know it was a bad idea. Robitussin does not taste at all similar to an "Arctic Chill". Everytime I chew a piece of this gum, I'm jolted back to memories of childhood flus and colds. Not the greatest marketing technique.


Please check out the Fluxiness project, where Anna has posted a summary of where the various flux art pieces were posted. The photographs are especially cool - I wish I had a digital camera. There's also some more neat photos posted here, which I didn't see on the main fluxiness page. I had stuck one of the signs that says "Do not pin anything to this tree" to a tree by my apartment building with a thumbtack. I'd forgotten to include it in my list of locations. Anyway, I saw it still there this morning, and while the signs that are taped to things don't bother me, I felt bad that the tree had a pin sticking in it, so I had to take it out. Who knows if trees can feel thumbtacks but I'm not going to assume they don't. Also, the sign had blown off the rat - I didn't have the chutzpah to actually touch the rat to attach it, so I just set it on top, but it's been windy lately. So, go think about art. Speaking of art - see the paint job that was given to the Sydney Opera House.


Here is where I posted the little signs for Anna's project. It was a lot of fun to wander around town trying to decide what could be art. I wanted to ask the counter girl at Diego's if I could stick one that said "This is beautiful" on her shirt to make her happy (she was having a bad night) but I chickened out. I thought she'd think I was weird or hitting on her or something. Anyway, here's the summary of my first participation in a performance art piece:

"love me" - posted on a post of the stairway of our apartment building
"Please do not feed the horses. Thank you" - stuck to the front of the Pepsi machine at the Alaska Ferry Terminal on Bellingham Bay, in the Fairhaven district of B'ham
"This is beautiful" - pasted to the railing at the ferry terminal overlooking the view of B'ham bay, which really IS beautiful
"This is beautiful" - stuck to the lapel of the jacket I was wearing at the time by my wonderfully sweet husband :)
"this way up ^" - stuck on a sign next to the door at the ferry terminal that had a large arrow pointing -> to the entrance
"i made this" - pinned to the bottom of a poster advertising for my husband's local TV show. The poster is on the bulletin board at the local organic food co-op store.
"This is wet" - on the pay phone outside the food co-op.
"This is beautiful" - staple-gunned to a slightly rotten apple, which had been hollowed out to make a bong/pipe. It had been discarded in the co-op parking lot.
"This is wet" - on top of the garbage can at Diego's mexican fast food restaurant
"This is beautiful" - stuck to the back of a baby high chair at Diego's
"This is beautiful" - laid on the body of a decaying rat on my walk to work this morning. I've been watching the rat's process of decay every day, from rat into part of the earth, and it happens much more quickly than I'd thought. This planet really is beautiful.
"This is beautiful" - stuck to the 25 mph sign near the entrance to Western Washington Univ.
"maple tree" - stuck to the no parking sign near the entrance to WWU, just past the 25 mph sign


Speaking of news, as I have been lately, sometimes there are incredibly good stories in the news that you never expected to see. And although I'm sure Elizabeth Smart's last nine months have been a terrible experience, the fact that she was found and is home now is completely amazing and wonderful, and it makes me happy. Wow, how do you go back to your previous life after something like that? I guess you don't, but it's great that she is now at home with her family. Pretty good news.


Oh, there was something interesting in today's news. The US House is no longer calling them french fries in their cafeterias, but now they are "freedom fries" to protest France's opposition to the war. "Freedom" toast for breakfast too. Can we become any more ridiculous?

Due to a combination of not having anything to blog about, and actually doing work while I'm at work, I haven't written for a while. And now I am writing more out of a sense of some kind of obligation than of actually having anything to say. One interesting thing: I offered to help Anna in Scotland with a performance art kind of project by printing out some little pieces of writing, for example "This is beautiful." and posting them on things around town. Which I suppose I must do tomorrow, since she probably would like my input before her project is due for class. Unfortunately, I don't have a digital camera to take photos of Bellingham graced by little sayings taped to things. Ah well. There is also a "multi-media performance" tomorrow night at the university that I'd like to see, so tomorrow will just be performance art day! It's possible that part of the blogger's block is that there is nothing interesting in the news lately, well except maybe the World's Largest Cheeto. And while it apparently is very exciting to the rest of the world, just looking at the photo of that thing makes me never want to eat Cheetos again. And I like Cheetos. I just prefer not to think of how they are made. And why do they hyphenate it so it's spelled Chee-to? What kind of name is Chee-to anyway? I understand that the "Chee" is for cheese, but what is the "to" for? And why the hyphen? I'm going to have to do some research.

Hmm, it looks like it's a dot and not a hyphen, and in the package at the bottom of the page for Xs and Os, they do away with it altogether and just spell out the whole word in cursive script. The nutritional info page is even more entertaining. Do I really want to eat something known as "Hot Puff Rods"?


A recipe only to be used in Friday afternoon 4:36 pm office desperation, due to sleep deprived state caused by exceptionally bad movies on cable featuring Cary Elwes dropping his American accent: one cup god-awful burned coffee that has been sitting on the warming element since approx. 10 AM; add two heaping teaspoonfuls generic-label hazelnut powdered non-dairy creamer. Attempt to mix in glops of not-dissolving creamer. Drink: ignore the film created over your tongue. Try to imagine you are drinking tequila instead. Ah, much better.