Here is where I posted the little signs for Anna's project. It was a lot of fun to wander around town trying to decide what could be art. I wanted to ask the counter girl at Diego's if I could stick one that said "This is beautiful" on her shirt to make her happy (she was having a bad night) but I chickened out. I thought she'd think I was weird or hitting on her or something. Anyway, here's the summary of my first participation in a performance art piece:

"love me" - posted on a post of the stairway of our apartment building
"Please do not feed the horses. Thank you" - stuck to the front of the Pepsi machine at the Alaska Ferry Terminal on Bellingham Bay, in the Fairhaven district of B'ham
"This is beautiful" - pasted to the railing at the ferry terminal overlooking the view of B'ham bay, which really IS beautiful
"This is beautiful" - stuck to the lapel of the jacket I was wearing at the time by my wonderfully sweet husband :)
"this way up ^" - stuck on a sign next to the door at the ferry terminal that had a large arrow pointing -> to the entrance
"i made this" - pinned to the bottom of a poster advertising for my husband's local TV show. The poster is on the bulletin board at the local organic food co-op store.
"This is wet" - on the pay phone outside the food co-op.
"This is beautiful" - staple-gunned to a slightly rotten apple, which had been hollowed out to make a bong/pipe. It had been discarded in the co-op parking lot.
"This is wet" - on top of the garbage can at Diego's mexican fast food restaurant
"This is beautiful" - stuck to the back of a baby high chair at Diego's
"This is beautiful" - laid on the body of a decaying rat on my walk to work this morning. I've been watching the rat's process of decay every day, from rat into part of the earth, and it happens much more quickly than I'd thought. This planet really is beautiful.
"This is beautiful" - stuck to the 25 mph sign near the entrance to Western Washington Univ.
"maple tree" - stuck to the no parking sign near the entrance to WWU, just past the 25 mph sign


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