Please check out the Fluxiness project, where Anna has posted a summary of where the various flux art pieces were posted. The photographs are especially cool - I wish I had a digital camera. There's also some more neat photos posted here, which I didn't see on the main fluxiness page. I had stuck one of the signs that says "Do not pin anything to this tree" to a tree by my apartment building with a thumbtack. I'd forgotten to include it in my list of locations. Anyway, I saw it still there this morning, and while the signs that are taped to things don't bother me, I felt bad that the tree had a pin sticking in it, so I had to take it out. Who knows if trees can feel thumbtacks but I'm not going to assume they don't. Also, the sign had blown off the rat - I didn't have the chutzpah to actually touch the rat to attach it, so I just set it on top, but it's been windy lately. So, go think about art. Speaking of art - see the paint job that was given to the Sydney Opera House.


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