Oh my god. This cannot be real.

If anyone really really wants to help move furniture, Thursday (tomorrow) is the day. All the Uhauls were already booked for this weekend. If you can't, that's OK, I guess you can still come to the barbeque.

Sorry for the silence from myself and Trenchcoat - moving is a pain. For us it is a big pain. Why do I own so many books? No one needs this many books. But I have such a hard time getting rid of any, especially the third of them I haven't read yet. Sigh. The goal I suppose is to read them all now, so the next time we move I can just give them away. So, currently both the living room and the office of the new place are full of stacks of books, waiting to be put into their respective bookshelves, taking up all the room for other things, such as furniture. But really, you never know when you're going to need to refer to Middle English Verse Romances, do you? Just might need that for something...


Daughter of Dilbert

They have rearranged all of the office supplies in the supply room at my workplace, and they are in the process of erecting a cage to go around them. A cage that will surround all the supply shelves so that someone will have to unlock it for you whenever you need a pencil or some post-its. Sigh. Then again, maybe it truly is necessary around here, where I've heard that the toilet plungers were stolen from all of the bathrooms - and I swear there are at least eleven bathrooms in this building. How exactly does one discretely take a toilet plunger home with them after work? "Bye Joe, have a good weekend, oh, never mind this toilet plunger here, it wouldn't fit in my briefcase." Weird. Did eleven separate people steal toilet plungers, or do we have some sort of plunger-obsessed office worker sneaking around after 5 o'clock liberating the building of plungers? Does his or her home have a room with a giant shrine constructed entirely of plungers, their wooden handles reaching skyward, rubber cups adhered to the floor?

More office humor - they have posted a sign on the fire door at the top of the stairs that reads, "Fire Door. Do Not Open in Case of Fire." Sorry, I just thought it was funny. It is Friday afternoon, after all.


Here is a cool aerial view of Bellingham . Just look at the crazy angles where the sections of street blocks run into each other and you'll understand why I can never find my way around this town, even though I've lived here for 3 years and it's not particularly large. It's neat to see the bay from above, and where the water enters it.


I got this link to Japanese cat hats from Dave Barry's blog entry for today. I have not seen many cats look as pissed off as this one, especially as you scroll further down the page. I love cute things (just ask my husband about trying to drag me away from the Hello Kitty displays at Uwajimaya), but I don't think that a pissed off cat with its ears being smashed against its skull by a fuzzy bunny-ear hat is really cute at all. Kind of scary actually.

Last weekend was a wonderful relaxing peaceful retreat at the Japanese-themed B&B on Bainbridge Island. I highly recommend it if you're ever in the market for that sort of thing. Then we came back to bills and work and stress and more bills and laundry - day-to-day life reclaiming its hold after a weekend ignoring it all. Such is life, I guess. I'm excited to move soon though, and I think a change of scenery will definitely improve the day-to-day.


Well, updating on a road-trip through Eastern Washington and Idaho is really not a necessary thing, because there's really not much of interest there. Lots of highway. Some wheat fields. At one point - an outhouse next to a grain silo. Lots of second-hand cigarette smoke courtesy of my road-trip partner. Anyway, possibly cathartic in a different way than I had intended it to be, I'm glad the trip is over. I can now check a couple of things off my life to-do list: get Tori's autograph, give Tori a hug, sit in the front row center for two concerts. Done. Now I can get on with things. Believe me, drinking a bottle of wine with her bodyguard was never on my to-do list, but that's checked off too. Much less exciting than you'd think. I just am not a star-worship type of person I suppose, and those of you who know of my Tori Amos obsession are probably thinking this is uncharacteristic. But really, I just like her music, I don't care what she does as a person in her own time. So, I don't need to meet any more celebrities. I'd rather hang out with the interesting people I know personally.


Mini-roadtrip begins tomorrow. I wish I had the technological abilities of Dervala and Adam Stein in order to properly document travels, but alas, I must resort to paper and pen. It will only be five days, but I am so ready to go on a Tori Amos-chasing roadtrip because, to quote a friend of mine, "It's the kind of thing sensible adults don't do." I hadn't really thought of it that way, but I'm fed up with being sensible, so that sounds great to me. The last couple of weeks, and really, couple of months, have been really stressful. And it's a different sort of stress. I was very stressed all the time in school, but I had somewhere to focus it - on getting the paper done, on getting the presentation memorized, etc. In school, I didn't sleep because I didn't have time, not because I was too anxious to close my eyes. Now, it is just an amorphous unsettled feeling - insecurity about money, about the future, about health and welfare of family and friends. Trying to provide comfort and support for our friend, our cat, during her illness was extremely draining, and losing her was even worse, and recovery from that is slow. It is also hard to balance a good job that provides good money, with the fact that it drains any energy that I'd like to devote to the things I'm actually passionate about. I feel like a catharsis is in order. It's spring, I have a birthday coming up, which always feels like a bit of a new beginning of a new year, and we are moving to a new home soon. I need to start writing again - a girl who was in a poetry class with me in college has recently published her first book, and I guess that has kind of made me realize that I'm wasting time here the more days I avoid writing and put off doing anything creative and expressive. Just because I have a day job doesn't mean that I can't have a self apart from it. So, here's to un-sensible road trips, moving away from cockroach hell, and having one raucous hell of a summer! Because it's about time.


I just want to say you all rock my world! Don't worry, we are hoping to throw away lots of junk so there won't be so much to move. And we'll have space to put it all, unlike the current situation. So, it looks like we pretty definitely have the duplex that is near Diego, so unless something unexpected happens, it will be ours in a few weeks!!

And yes, there will be meat at the barbecue. And Boca burgers.


Okay, I know I don't keep up with posting in here very well. The last couple of weeks have been very crazy - the hubby being out of town, then our friends' gorgeous wedding, including bridal shower and bachelor party, then this week of crazily viewing as many apartments as possible so we can give our notice that we're moving before I leave town on Saturday. I think we have found the wonderful luxurious place we've always wanted - it's kind of far from the part of town I'm used to (the south side, so to speak) and where my workplace is, but it's right next to a major bus line and not terribly far from groceries and that sort of thing. And it has a backyard and many other awesome perks. Anyway, the rest of the week will be more insanity filling out the applications, giving notice at our old place, trying to figure out how to get in a full day of work when the management places and the bank are only open 8-5, etc. At least we do have a second choice that is cool too if anything should not work out - heaven forbid! Then I embark on the "estrogen roadtrip" to go see a couple of Tori concerts with a friend from college. I am sure I'll be posting about that once I'm back. So, anyway, we should be moving the last couple of weeks of the month, so anyone reading this is enlisted to help, and you'll be invited to the housewarming barbecue :)