Okay, I know I don't keep up with posting in here very well. The last couple of weeks have been very crazy - the hubby being out of town, then our friends' gorgeous wedding, including bridal shower and bachelor party, then this week of crazily viewing as many apartments as possible so we can give our notice that we're moving before I leave town on Saturday. I think we have found the wonderful luxurious place we've always wanted - it's kind of far from the part of town I'm used to (the south side, so to speak) and where my workplace is, but it's right next to a major bus line and not terribly far from groceries and that sort of thing. And it has a backyard and many other awesome perks. Anyway, the rest of the week will be more insanity filling out the applications, giving notice at our old place, trying to figure out how to get in a full day of work when the management places and the bank are only open 8-5, etc. At least we do have a second choice that is cool too if anything should not work out - heaven forbid! Then I embark on the "estrogen roadtrip" to go see a couple of Tori concerts with a friend from college. I am sure I'll be posting about that once I'm back. So, anyway, we should be moving the last couple of weeks of the month, so anyone reading this is enlisted to help, and you'll be invited to the housewarming barbecue :)


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