Well, updating on a road-trip through Eastern Washington and Idaho is really not a necessary thing, because there's really not much of interest there. Lots of highway. Some wheat fields. At one point - an outhouse next to a grain silo. Lots of second-hand cigarette smoke courtesy of my road-trip partner. Anyway, possibly cathartic in a different way than I had intended it to be, I'm glad the trip is over. I can now check a couple of things off my life to-do list: get Tori's autograph, give Tori a hug, sit in the front row center for two concerts. Done. Now I can get on with things. Believe me, drinking a bottle of wine with her bodyguard was never on my to-do list, but that's checked off too. Much less exciting than you'd think. I just am not a star-worship type of person I suppose, and those of you who know of my Tori Amos obsession are probably thinking this is uncharacteristic. But really, I just like her music, I don't care what she does as a person in her own time. So, I don't need to meet any more celebrities. I'd rather hang out with the interesting people I know personally.


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