Well, I'm off to spend 10 days with the family. The visiting relatives I only see every 6 years will be the nice part - the road trip from Illinois to Connecticut on the other hand, will be slightly different from the old days when I was bigger than my now 6'2" brother and could beat him up with the metal head on the middle seatbelt. Oh, how things have changed. On that note, please see this very serious article.


My surrealist compliment of the day: Teacups smash, flounders ignite spontaneously in your presence.

I particularly like that one. I'm going to see Sherman Alexie read tonight - I'm excited. Not only have I not been to a reading in ages, but he challenges me to think about things that I usually avoid. And that's good for me. Especially lately, I've been sort of wrapped in a self-absorbed bubble for a while now, and I really need to break out and stop being so damn boring.


I'd like to give you a compliment. Please visit the Surrealist Compliment Generator. Here was my compliment this morning: The spark of intelligence in your blinking eyes is not unlike the glow from the teeth of an electrocuted axe-murderess.

I feel so flattered.


Another from McSweeney's, interview with a two-year old.

This is so funny I just had to share with someone. Note to my Mother-in-Law Outlining Protocol for Babysitting my Son for the First Time, from McSweeney's. (I must credit dooce.com, where I found the link to it.)

I know updates to this blog have been few and far between. Life is busier than usual, and this weekend I'll be off camping in 80 degree weather in the San Juan's - life is rough, I know.