Amount by which total U.S. personal debt in 2002 exceeded total disposable income : $628,000,000,000

For the rest of the interesting statistics, check out the June edition of Harper's Index.

Credit is due to Dervala for citing the interesting bear-repelling stat (where I found the index in the first place), as well as just having a really darn interesting and well-written travel blog. I highly recommend it.


Last night I ran on a treadmill for the first time. For some reason I've never had occasion to run on one before, and I was under the impression that it would be a completely mundane experience because people do it all the time. It was, in fact, very surreal. Not only are you running and not going anywhere, which is significantly weirder than I thought it would be, but the feel of the rubber strip pulling under your feet made me think of spinning on a hamster wheel lined with scotch tape. I was either going to stick to it, or fall off, and either way it wouldn't be pretty. It's also much harder to put your feet down in any sort of normal manner onto that surface - they kept splaying to the side begging for a sprained ankle - I suppose anything to end the treadmill monotony. I also have never run while watching television before, which was also weird. Especially because it was the discovery channel showing a bad re-enactment of some child's murder, which appeared to have taken place in a classroom or after school, and there was no sound so you have to guess what all the badly dramatized snippets are supposed to be portraying. Very strange. People do some very odd things.

Argh - I just had them fixed, and now the comments appear to have disappeared completely, but I don't know if it's my fault or the comment service, since they disappear competely rather frequently. Aaaaahhhh! Why do people do this web stuff anyway, it is so frustrating! I do not have the attention span for this...

OK, the commenting stuff seems to be sort of fixed, although it looks like all yesterday's comments were erased? Maybe they will reappear - it seems this comment service likes to do strange things. Coupled with my complete ignorance of all things html, it is highly unlikely that anything will work as it should. I just try pasting things that look like they might apply, then changing some words, etc. into my little template and see what happens. It usually doesn't work, but sometimes it turns out OK.

We're on a run of beautiful sunny weather here, and I know Bellingham has somehow corrupted me because I'm tired of beautiful sunny weather. When it is nice outside, I feel I should be doing something productive or exciting outdoors, to make up for the fact that it is raining 80% of the year here. Which means I always feel this pressure to be going to the park or something, which is great, except I just really want some down time now to relax, do laundry, finish decorating the apartment for crying out loud, we've been there 3 months now! And usually I don't actually go outside, I just feel like I should, and then I feel guilty for watching Cartoon Network all night instead.

You know, I use way too many commas when I write.


My comments are working, but the number in the link isn't going up, it still says zero. If anyone knows why, let me know - I can't figure it out. It is officially summer, because they have turned the air conditioning on in my office building, which means that although it is a pleasant 80 degrees outside, it will now be 45 degrees inside for the rest of the summer. Time to start wearing sweaters again (sigh).


Well, I didn't exactly finish Harry Potter, but I did manage to spend over 5 hours in Marine Park Saturday, doing mostly nothing much but listening to the water and looking up into a tree, then saw Spirited Away projected onto the wall of the public library that evening. It was a good day. It's been ages since I wrote in this, but I don't have much time, so it'll just be a summary I guess. The family vacation was fun, although it's always good to get back home. The new young cousins were fun, especially Brian, who is four years old and mostly speaks Japanese (I had actually picked up a little from him, but I don't remember any now). He can understand English, but he'll answer you in Japanese, or a mixture of both, which makes it interesting. I almost got to go to NYC, but it was 95 degrees outside that day, so everyone else decided they didn't want to walk around outside in a city. Bummer. So, we went to Hartford instead - not quite as exciting. Then we had family visiting our house as soon as I got back, which was also fun, but I was a bit overwhelmed by the energy of young boys. They're really exhausting and I have no idea what to say to them. I like kids, but I never know how to talk to them. I'm afraid I'll either sound like I think they're younger than they are, or I'll be a boring adult. Which they already think I am I'm sure, so I guess I've got nothing to lose.

The last weeks have been stressful for just about everyone I know, and our household is definitely feeling strain, for about three zillion different reasons that don't need to be listed. It just seems to be one thing on top of another. And last night I had brought home some editing from work and managed to set some of the papers on fire with a candle that was on the kitchen table. Luckily not very important papers - that would have been bad.

I'm going to play with the templates for this blog, because the new ones are prettier in my opinion than the old, but I'm sure I'll lose the comments and things until I remember how to put them back in...


Wow, now I know I haven't updated in a long time because Blogger looks all - different and stuff. Anyway, if anyone does still read this, sorry I never update. I rarely log on the net at home ever, and work has been too busy lately to take blogging lunchbreaks. Actually, work has been completely insane - and here I am, posting this at work. So, I will eventually update this thing with actual writing someday, but not now. I am currently in complete anticipation of the weekend - the first in over a month that I don't have to travel anywhere or host out of town guests, and it's supposed to be sunny and beautiful. I'm going to stake out a spot under a tree in Marine Park and finish the Harry Potter book!