OK, the commenting stuff seems to be sort of fixed, although it looks like all yesterday's comments were erased? Maybe they will reappear - it seems this comment service likes to do strange things. Coupled with my complete ignorance of all things html, it is highly unlikely that anything will work as it should. I just try pasting things that look like they might apply, then changing some words, etc. into my little template and see what happens. It usually doesn't work, but sometimes it turns out OK.

We're on a run of beautiful sunny weather here, and I know Bellingham has somehow corrupted me because I'm tired of beautiful sunny weather. When it is nice outside, I feel I should be doing something productive or exciting outdoors, to make up for the fact that it is raining 80% of the year here. Which means I always feel this pressure to be going to the park or something, which is great, except I just really want some down time now to relax, do laundry, finish decorating the apartment for crying out loud, we've been there 3 months now! And usually I don't actually go outside, I just feel like I should, and then I feel guilty for watching Cartoon Network all night instead.

You know, I use way too many commas when I write.


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