bizarre awakenings

This morning at 5:00, my husband and I were both awakened to the sound of, well, it's hard to describe but it sounded like a large predatory animal slowly killing a smaller animal right outside the open window. The growling and snarling noises were low and deep enough that I fully expected to see a mountain lion in our driveway munching on one of the neighborhood cats. With that instinctive feeling in my gut that comes from the genetic knowledge that you should fear big predatory animals, we looked out the window. Nothing. The sounds eventually subsided, then stopped completely. Finally, the courage to open the front door. Two neighborhood cats were cowering under the truck outside, but no blood-streaked driveway or giant pawprints were to be found. Eventually, we gave up, but no sleep came before the alarm went off this morning. On the way to the bus stop, everything was bright and sunny, with no indication at all that something horrible happened two hours earlier. I'm curious to know if the white rooster that is often in our next-door neighbors backyard is still living. I think it was a raccoon killing and eating something, because we heard the raccoon chitter noise and splashing in the creek, so some poor chicken, bunny, or rat, or maybe even cat, probably met its end. Remind me never to anger a raccoon if they can snarl and growl like that.

By the way, I apologize for Trenchcoat's absence for a while. We have not yet removed the evil virus worm that has infected our computer along with half the nation, so he'll be on a temporary hiatus along with me until we get that fixed.


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