Strawberry Hill

I had a dream last night that I went to my 10-year high school reunion, which was being held on the last day of school at the high school in Stevensville. First I met my best friend from high school, who couldn't go to the reunion because she had to work at the zoo that day. She showed me around the zoo, and talked about how boring it was giving tours of the zoo over and over every day. After that I went to the high school, stopping off at a convenience store first to buy cigarettes, even though I had never smoked, and didn't in the dream either although I thought I might need to start at the reunion. So, then I got to school, and I was wandering around the halls full of little highschoolers, looking for people I knew who were 10 years older, like me. I finally found one guy I used to know, and I was at least 6 inches taller than him now, although we used to be the same height, because you know, I'd grown so much taller since high school. He was telling me about his three daughters and how the heat didn't work in their little apartment. I had a bottle of Strawberry Hill Boone's in my backpack, and a pack of Camel Lights, and I got worried that I was going to get in trouble for having the alcohol. So I waited until between classes when the halls were full, and I set the Boone's down in the middle of the hallway. A while later I looked over and saw one of the basketball coaches (who also pretended to be a teacher) yelling at a bunch of freshmen for having alcohol at school. The dream was pretty much as lame as I would expect my high school reunion to actually be!


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