A New Look

I just discovered Blogskins.com, and therefore have a cool new look for The Popsicle Stand. I was annoyed with the limited skins on blogger, and now have found a remedy. So, thanks to the designers who make stuff like this for free available to those of us who are severely technologically challenged, such as myself. No, you don't understand, if the husband's away, I can't even switch between the VCR and DVD hookups by myself. It's truly that bad. This color/design scheme is by Zal at Broken Sky Designs, and it's inspired by Eeyore. I love the colors. So much better than all that white. And the colors feel a bit girly, which sometimes is a drawback to me, but at the moment seems like fun. There are some really elaborate designs at Blogskins, but many of them require image hosting, which I don't have the capability for. That's OK, simple can be better.

Anyway, I like the new look. Maybe it will inspire me to write in this thing more.


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