and now for the weekend...

This has been a really crazy week. I started teaching yoga classes at the university fitness center this week (they have a truly posh brand new facility) and while it's a lot of fun, it's also a lot of work for me to prepare a class at this point, since I'm pretty new to the whole thing. And at the first class (which seems to be all 18-20 yr olds) I seriously dated myself by referring to that Simon Says electronic game that was popular when I was a kid. These kids were born in '85 so it was kinda no longer cool when they were old enough to play it. Anyway, the lights and sounds lit up in a certain order and you had to imitate it - it was a memory game basically.

Also this week was the first Japanese class, and I'm so excited for this class. It's a community ed. class, so it's only one evening a week, but we covered a lot more than I thought we would, and I'm happy that it seems like it will be more comprehensive than I'd thought. The instructor is from Japan, although she moved here quite a long time ago, so I think she'll be a good resource for us as we get ready to go over there. She's really really nice. There are other people in the class who are moving to Japan for work, one person who visits there frequently, and then some business people who want to speak with Japanese clients better. Makes me feel better about our plans to go there with very minimal Japanese ability, esp. the comments from the girl who visited there about how it would be hard to find somewhere where no one speaks English. I'm sure that is where we will end up though! Also I don't want to be a pushy American wanting everyone to speak English to me - I wouldn't be going if I didn't want to learn the language. Things are coming together with the application stuff, and a prof. from the college I went to is going to help us with the apps. even though I never took Japanese from him (I took French in college - silly me!). Zut alors! Anyway, it's going to be a crazy fall and winter, and actually considering getting ready to leave in the spring, it's going to be a crazy next few years. It's good though, I've been kind of hibernating in a full-time job and not-much-else stasis for a while and it's really good to shake that up. The most exciting thing this week - today is payday so I get to finally fulfill my week-long craving for a bubble tea, my new addiction.


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