daily grind

After a weekend slogging through the watery Bellingham streets with my parents, I'm back into the work, yoga, work, yoga, work, yoga routine. Their weekend visit was fun, we did essential local things like breakfast at the Bagelry and walking up Harris Ave. to Marine Park, reading the little plaques on the sidewalk that give information such as "On this spot in 1870 Matthew was cut in two by a streetcar." We also ventured up to Semiahmoo spit, where it was actually nice and sunny. It dumped more rain here last weekend than Montana gets in a year, so I don't know if they'll want to come back anytime soon. They did buy me a nice raincoat though, which really does come in handy here. I no longer have to wear a water-logged hippie hat. Due to their visit however, I'm now drinking about a pot of coffee a day all totalled. Not only did they buy me good coffee to have at home, but I had to drink it to keep up with them, considering they stay up later than me, and get up earlier, probably due to the fact that they practically inject the brown juice intravenously. I know, it is sad when you can't keep up with your parents. So now I'm on the caffeine cycle - coffee makes me not sleep as well at night, so I need more coffee the next morning because I'm tired. Then I crash in the afternoon and am useless at work, unless I drink more coffee, but then I can't sleep at night. It's a downward spiral.


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