a testament to the importance of caffeine to the IT dept.

In the office where I work, the two lower floors of the building all share one coffee pot, which resides in the kitchen. The coffee pot is kept full of the low-grade acid-laden coffee that the company provides us with to keep us typing throughout the day. There was once cream and sugar, but both have disappeared over time, never to be replenished. There are a few boxes of various tea bags, and hot water as well. This set-up keeps four or five depts. in caffeine suitably. However, if one should venture upstairs to the kitchenette in the hallway between the marketing and IT depts., one would see the coffeepot kept full of Starbucks or Tony's gourmet coffee, a capacious electric bean grinder for ultimate freshness in the grind, a glistening espresso machine (complete with milk frothing attachment), and a Ms. Tea automatic teapot. I believe I've also seen flavoring syrups up there as well. I suppose this is not only evidence of the fact that they take their caffeinated beverages far more seriously up there, but also of the fact that they get paid enough more than the rest of us for them to have the ability to finely stock their coffeeshop kitchenette. However, do not be mistaken, I am not jealous, because part of the reason they make more money is the very reason they take their caffeine seriously - I'm sure they probably work about twice as many hours a week as I do. And that's just fine with me.


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