I stayed up too late for the last few nights trying to rewrite this application essay, which is currently quite terrible and only about half finished. Therefore, today I have a sore throat and am feeling like the weather outside - gray, cold, sloppy, and uncomfortable. Every time I get stressed out and sleep-deprived and come in contact with a cold germ, it's inevitable. My immune system is completely directly linked to the amount of sleep and sanity in my life. Luckily, if I sleep for at least 12 hours straight, I can usually kick it before it starts, but with the amount of things I have to do this week I don't see that being a possibility. I'm drinking tea with zinc and echinachea instead. My house is currently a reflection of my brain - it looks like a hurricane came through it. I love the holiday season, and I'd love to just relax and enjoy it. Maybe after this application gets sent. But there will always be something, I'm sure. I really wish I was taking some form of holiday vacation - perhaps I'll take a few days off the week of Christmas even though we're not going anywhere. Sanity-replenishing days. Why should only people who are going somewhere take time off anyway?


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