I found a link to hunkabutta on Dansen's links page, and have spent the past 15 minutes looking at all the photos of Tokyo and envying the digital camera. That's something we really do have to buy before we move there. And I have to learn how to make a real website. Anyway, check out the gallery photos from the first year at hunkabutta - there are lots of great photos of the punks in Harajuku. I don't know why I've always loved people who dress to the extreme - punk, goth, 1920's, whatever. But, I do love them - I will like someone I don't know just because they're dressed like that. I'll also like someone I don't know if they smell good, but that's another story. And of course, I myself dress about as conservatively as someone who has had her mother buy her most of her clothes will tend to dress. Someday... when I'm retired... I'll get to dress like a punk too. When I'm an old lady, I shall wear purple - and piercings!


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