I'm a loser baby...

Sorry, one of those anthems of my formative years popping into my head as I'm feeling guilty after reading Diego's blog and realizing that yes, I am one of those bloggers he mentioned who never updates. I know. I'm terrible. However, I can say honestly I'm better than I was in the dream I had last night in which I smoked crack (in the dream it looked like a pipe full of those big salt crystals like you get on soft pretzals because I don't know what the hell crack looks like) and then I was featured in an Aerosmith video with Liv Tyler while stoned, then later cheated on my husband with this psychotic anorexic man at an arts and crafts fair. But that's another story altogether...

My real life is far less interesting, which is why I never post. That and I'm trying, fairly unsuccessfully, to work hard while I'm at work because performance evaluations are coming up. My real life goes like this: monday - work, eat, teach yoga, sleep; tuesday - work, eat, go to yoga, sleep; wednesday - work, eat, teach yoga, sleep; thursday - work eat, go to japanese class, sleep; friday - work, eat, clean or sit on couch in stupor, sleep. Honestly, that schedule takes up every hour of my day if you include bus rides to and from, so not much of interest is going on right now. This weekend is devoted to finishing up the applications for the JET program, because they are due very soon and I have to write a convincing essay about why they can't live without me. This is a bit daunting, but sometimes good work can be produced by the squeeze of last-minute necessity (as in it's due in a week so I have to write something no matter what it is). I'll try to come up with a decent blog post this weekend as well, but we'll see how it goes. It kind of hit me like a ton of bricks last night when I was telling someone in my Japanese class when we were leaving that it will be in about 7 months. Probably leaving B'ham in 6. Which means I really really need to start actually studying the japanese hard. I still keep thinking we're leaving in a year, but lo and behold, time is continuing to pass whether I'm paying attention or not.

If you haven't read Mom Finds Out About Blog in the Onion yet, go read it now. It's funny, but at the same time, so true. And why my name isn't on here - my mom really doesn't need to know about the crack whore dreams (although I did give my brother a link to this - so hey bro, if you're reading this, don't tell mom about the crack whore dream, okay? Thanks.)


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