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I just had to add the Tori banner, because it's a classy photo of her and it adds some color to the page. Will probably take it off after the album comes out, but she'll be hanging out in my library for now. This should be an interesting album - sort of a greatest hits kind of concept, but she apparently has revisited the old material and added some new things. I used to be quite obsessed with her, but it's cooled down significantly over the past few years (although meeting her last spring was incredibly emotional - much more so than I expected it to be actually). There are even mp3s out there of new songs of hers that I haven't even gotten around to listening to yet. That would've been unthinkable a while ago. I guess I'm just growing and moving on, although I have yet to find another musician I feel as passionately about. Perhaps I never will, maybe there are more important things for me to focus on right now than idolizing some poor person who is just a person, yes, a talented musician (and yes, extremely beautiful and sexy), but not any sort of deity after all. I guess maybe I needed to meet her in order to understand that.


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