shout, shout, let it all out

You should all go take this 80s music quiz, brought to you courtesy of Ted, your local 80s fanatic. I did pretty poorly because the songs started sounding the same in my head as I tried to remember the words. Maybe that's because all those songs do sound the same! Not much new going on in my life this week. Work, yoga, you know the routine. Amazing how little variety one experiences during the day in an office. Take my word for it - very very little. For the last 3 years. Which is why I get Dilbert delivered to my e-mail daily - for survival purposes. But wait! There is variety this week! I have two days off, meaning tomorrow is technically Friday. Yay for variety and holidays! I have to make a dessert tonight for a coworkers going away party tomorrow, she's leaving for another job. What's a good sayonara dessert? I make a mean German chocolate cake, but I won't have much time after yoga, so I'm thinking Ghiradelli brownies from a mix will have to do.


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