So, only one Japanese class left and then we're on our own. I don't feel that I've absorbed nearly as much as I could have because I basically only studied for the hour just before class every week. But, I will definitely start working on it more intensely in the coming months. It also sounds like there's a possibility of doing private tutoring with the prof., so we could really make some progress that way. A really nice couple that was in the Japanese class is on their way to Yokohama in about a month (at least I think that's where it was, to teach at the university there) so we may have another connection over there, since they'll be there for at least 2 years, they'll still be there when we move there. As many people as we know when we get there, the better. This weekend I definitely have to write that essay, because everything has to be sent off next week. I am having problems focusing on anything other than plans to move, I think because all the day-to-day stuff in my life is both tiring and overwhelming, and getting a little stale. I really am craving a change of scenery. However, I do have to ground myself a little, because I'm going to drive myself insane in the coming months if I think about nothing other than Japan. I've been worrying about silly things, like what kind of shoes to buy to wear as indoor shoes for work, rather than the basic stuff I need to do now, like write the application essay and research as many back-up job plans as possible. There are a lot on daves esl cafe and other sites. Tons in fact. But the problem of the husband and I both getting work in the same place, and that place not being a major city, and the possibility of us trying to coordinate two different employment situations that may not coincide easily is a bit daunting. Especially wanting to do it all from here in advance. So, I am obsessing, quite a lot in fact, so I apologize if it gets boring. I just wanna go!


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