Well, it seems like the cold I was fighting off may have decided not to settle in, so now I'm only dealing with the typical sleep deprivation. I can handle that. It seems that the only time I am free and on a computer is when I first get to work in the morning, so that is becoming blog update time. However, when I first get to work in the morning, I am for all intents and purposes completely brain-dead, so I can't say my posts are all that interesting. Or witty. Or have any sort of content whatsoever. I've been reading a lot of gaijin-in-Japan blogs, and Dansen mentioned that his site was more about his life than about "Woo, I'm in Japan." Or something to that effect. Let me just say that any site that I'll ever have will be "Woo I'm going to Japan" and then "Woo I'm in Japan" whether I mean for it to be or not. I'll admit this here because hopefully you all know I'm fairly open-minded and not a complete hick, but it honestly doesn't seem quite real to me that I could actually go and live in another country. I think because I've never even been to another country, excepting Canada. It doesn't even seem real to me that I could go live in California, or in New York. The only thing that's going to bring it into reality for me is to go live in these places. The most different place I've been from Montana and Washington, the only two places I've lived, is Hawaii, and while it does have a very unique culture of its own, I don't think I actually got to see much of it while doing the typical American tourist thing. So, I apologize for any naivete about other countries/cultures, etc. on this site. But I'm from Montana, so cut me some slack.


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