And the sky was made of amethyst

I have nothing to say, but feel like I have some sort of obligation to put something in here. So - the JET applications are sent off, and now we just wait. Thanksgiving weekend was fun, had dinner and all that, then dim sum and then shopping at Uwajimaya that weekend. I discovered my new favorite food - yukimi daifuku, which is basically a ball of ice cream inside a covering of mochi. YUM. It even beats my old favorite, which was the mochi dumplings with sweet adzuki bean paste inside and sesame seeds on the outside. The Japanese class is over, but we may start private tutoring. Still need to get that worked out. Um, so, yeah. I think I'm going to go home tonight and put on some Nine Inch Nails and put up Christmas lights and all that decorative sort of crap. Or maybe I'll go Christmas shopping if I have a car. Or maybe I'll just rent a movie and be a couch potato. I have had too much caffeine today/yesterday - as I sit here I feel like my ankles are all floaty. It's kinda weird. So, what was the point of this post anyway...? Oh yeah, to absolve the guilt of not writing anything lately, and to subject anyone who might actually read this to my Friday stream-of-consciousness. Ooh, I could rent Pirates of the Caribbean. That's an exciting prospect. Johnny Depp in eyeliner... Here's an interesting series of articles from the Stranger on Courtney Love. The Live Through This album is yet another one that enabled me to survive high school. I can't tell you how many times I peeled out of the gravel parking lot with "When I went to school... in Olympia" blaring out the windows of my Pontiac Beelzabub. It helped so much to know that someone else felt that much resentment toward their high school, and I can guarantee you that Stevensville was worse than Olympia. Her other songs on the album are much more beautiful, inspired, and lyrical, and yes she can scream like no other. I practiced that throaty scream til my throat was raw, but I just didn't smoke enough to be able to replicate it. But a few years later, her glam plastic surgery and the album Celebrity Skin with that horrible Malibu song on it ended my infatuation entirely. She seemed to have completely become part of everything I loved her for hating. So, I moved on to Belly and other bands, but have never found anyone as beautiful in her ugly rebellion as Courtney was then.


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