drag queens from a former life

Okay, not really a former life, more like ten years ago. My god, has it really been that long. Anyway, today I was looking up one of my all-time favorite movies Priscilla Queen of the Desert, and I realized why Guy Pearce and Hugo Weaving have always looked somehow familiar to me in recent movies I've seen them in. Because they were the drag queens I was entranced with when I was in high school! So bizarre... Anyway, I guess I was thinking about drag queens because we are most likely going to hit Rumors tonight for New Year's and I believe the Betty Desire show is scheduled. Not sure if that means just Betty entertaining or what, but sounds cool to me. In 1994, we went to a midnight showing of Priscilla in the basement of the Wilma theatre in Missoula, dressed to the teeth in disco gear (courtesy of raiding Chantilly Theater's costume racks). I have a photo somewhere - I should scan it in. Anyway, we sat on an old couch (there wasn't real seating in the basement screen area yet) in the corner and had to crane our necks to see the screen, but it was great. Fabulous 70's music, outstanding costumes, and some really good-looking actors. It's an incredibly fun movie. And it somehow sparked a lasting obsession with drag... je ne sais pas.

Happy New Year to all! Have some fun tonight whatever you do!


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