hurrah for shortened work weeks

One of the very best things about Christmas and New Year's - one week of only 3 days of work, and one week of only 4. Of course, after that we don't get an extra day off until Memorial Day, so I'm enjoying it while I can. This weekend was nice - unexpectedly got to actually spend some time with that guy I live with but never see, so it was good. Put up some Christmas lights and indulged in much chocolate. And got some smiles from the world's cutest baby. Knowing that I only have a few days this week makes sitting at this desk a lot easier. I'm really burning out on the whole day behind a desk thing. I'm starting to envy the people who come and do the groundswork - blowing leaves and such, because they are out and about, walking around in the fresh air. I should have learned to teach mountain climbing or something instead of yoga - there would be many more fresh air opportunities. I'm wishing there was some snow to make it feel a bit more like December. The forecast says there might be some in about a week! It is most likely wrong, but one can always hope.


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