I just found the very entertaining website Japander, where you can look at all the advertisements that American celebrities have done in Japan. I never gave this much thought before seeing Lost in Translation, but apparently it's very common.

All I can think about these days with Christmas coming up is food. I usually become more food-obsessed during the winter; I think it's due to a natural desire to store up fat and hibernate. I usually take this further than necessary though, giving up any sort of exercise until April, and eating as much and as often as possible throughout the SAD months of winter. The holidays only make it worse, because many of my favorite foods are connected to the winter holidays, so I feel that my only time to eat them is during this month. Yes, I realize I can bake spritz cookies and cardamom braided bread and gingerbread men anytime during the year, but they are connected to Christmas in my mind, and therefore I am craving them. I haven't actually done any holiday baking yet this year, but I foresee the day after Christmas turning into a baking frenzy in order to fulfill my holiday cookie desires. Chocolates have been appearing everywhere I go though, so at least my chocolate needs are satiated. I'm trying to save the egg nog in the fridge for Christmas day so that I won't need to buy more, since it's one of the most fattening substances known to man, but it's so yummy and you really can only buy it once a year, so I had to get a little bit. I'm not counting the two egg nog lattes I've already had this month... We're making a real actual turkey for Christmas (they were on mega-sale at Costco), so I'm trying to decide what to make to go along with it. Turkey is very exciting, because it means leftovers for days afterwards. With the weather cold and cloudy and gloomy, work overwhelming, and the days too short, a turkey sandwich, some cocoa and sweet bread and a few chocolates just seem to make it more worthwhile. And a good book. Now all we need is a fireplace... I don't know if we get the Seattle station that is airing a burning log during Christmas morning to make us feel warm and cozy, but it doesn't really matter, since it only airs til 10 AM, and considering I don't have to go to work - I probably won't even be awake yet. Bliss.


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