Well, I was excited about Christmas. Until I spent the entire day Sunday in the mall and various other major chain retail stores like Barnes and Noble and Pier 1. I have always preferred cute little downtown local stores - I feel better about supporting a non-chain store, and they usually have neater stuff. But, due to the desire to get all the shopping for family done at one time, and having a limited budget that doesn't support the sometimes higher prices at little local stores, I hit the mall end of town. After standing in a line of about twelve people at the Orange Julius, about fifteen people at the yummy pretzel place, and about 45 people at the heavily scented lotion and potion store, not to mention many hours wandering around Target, Barnes and Noble, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, etc. I am competely burned out on Christmas. And I never want to enter a mall again. However, the mission was accomplished and most of the shopping has been completed. I think it would've been far more pleasant had I been wearing better shoes - while Converse are stylish, after walking on the hard mall floors for several hours my back was aching and my feet hurt. Part of my problem is that it takes me five hours to decide what to buy someone, and then I obsess about whether it is the right choice, will they like it, will they use it? That's not what it should be about. They should appreciate a gift for the thought behind it. And I'm sure they do as much as I do. But I wish it didn't have to be so gift-focused at all. However, not everyone on my list thinks that way, and probably wouldn't appreciate my saying, well, I think it should be about the spirit of the season, so I didn't get you anything, but here are some warm fuzzy feelings. So, I bought them all some stuff instead. And now I'm eager to get on with life and in the years to come, do all my shopping online so I don't ever have to go to the mall again.


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