secret meanings of things

So, ever since I wrote a blog post eons ago in which I talked about a bunch of the toys/gadgets/clothing & accessories from the 80s, I've had loads of people ending up at my site who were searching for "jelly bracelets" or "black jelly bracelets" and other variations. I was wondering why on earth so many people were interested in searching for information on a pretty basic piece of jewelry that you can buy at Hot Topic for a couple of bucks. CNN has answered my question. Bizarre.

Another thing that people search for that tends to land them here is Catharsis Plungers. Apparently, I've used both those words at some point. These plungers are awesome though - I want one. The idea of shoving George Bush's head deep into my clogged toilet thrills me.

So, now all you people who are searching for these things - there's your links to all the info you need. Thanks for visiting.


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