tis the season

I always used to wonder why everyone got stressed about the holidays. I'm starting to get it. It's hard to fit in shopping and shipping and decorating and cooking when you don't have time to breathe during the rest of the year. And I know none of that stuff is mandatory, but I love Christmas and everything that goes along with it, and I want to get a tree and decorate and make cookies, etc. It brings some light and warm feeling into a time of year that feels very bleak and cold and unhappy to me generally. So, my goal is to, you know, do all that stuff sometime soon here. I guess the financial issue of the holidays is the most stressful, but I'm willing to shell out $20 plus the cost of a stand for a poor dead tree that will stand in the living room for a few weeks before it is tossed onto a garbage heap. This weekend I will have a tree! I have tons of ornaments and that sort of thing because I get them as gifts every year, so I need something to put them all on. It seems kind of silly to haul the box of them around through moves and such if we don't use them. Not to mention how good a Christmas tree smells... So, there's my self-justification for why it's not silly to get a tree, to stress about shopping (what in the heck do I buy for my parents?) or to make three batches of cookies while I'm trying to eat healthy foods.

To help you get into the spirit of the season along with me, see 'tis the season, a very helpful site by a couple of great blogging sisters. They will answer any holiday questions and quandaries that you may have. And make you laugh your arse off as well.


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