spam poetry

My e-mail at work is set up in an "autopreview" view, so I can see the first couple lines of text of a message without actually opening it, which helps protect from viruses, as well as making sure undesirable html spam doesn't show up on the screen. I've found that most of this undesirable html spam has really interesting text entered into it somewhere. If you open the e-mail, this text doesn't show up anywhere (generally just a picture of a nude woman or something), but if I just look at the preview, I see these lines of text. Some are more poetic than others, but it's almost a form of found poetry, of sticking words together that don't seem to make sense, but flow into a poem. It's fun. I'd like to share with you the "poem" I just received in my inbox:

black knob shaped

supply snook
cool antique degenerate
parenthetic bogota
hibernate assiduous lao
malign rushmore
chisholm chairmen
tenuous quid

I added the line breaks, but the words are in exactly the order they were in the e-mail. I think "parenthetic bogota" is my favorite line - I looked up bogota at merriam-webster.com and found out that it is the capital of Columbia. Didn't know that. What a cool word.


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