on the low

I don't have the ability to post an mp3 on this low-tech blog, so you'll have to take matters into your own hands.

Go find and download "On the Low" from Hope Sandoval's Bavarian Fruit Bread album. Even better, purchase the album and support that incredible voice. Press play. Turn the lights off or close your eyes. The song is an empty highway in Montana at 3 AM. A dimly lit truck stop miles from anywhere and a chipped mug of strong bitter coffee. One tired waitress in the whole place, shifting from foot to foot and awaiting the end of her graveyard shift. She greets the regulars by name as they come in; they bring with them the smell of the clear clean cool summer night air. Every so often, a glimpse of the red-eyed cook, pushing another plate of ham and eggs or biscuits and gravy over the counter from the kitchen. There's anticipation for the coming day; you're not a trucker so you are on your way somewhere. A break in the routine. But listen to that music. Right now, that's all there is. Calm, mellow, a little bit sad. No matter how much life may change, there will always be that truckstop, somewhere. Lots of them, actually, wherever you need them. Granted, usually they now sound the clinking of nickel keno machines rather than the blues. So, bring headphones.


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