scary advertising

I am a bit behind the times with television, and only just recently have had the bad luck to actually witness the spongmonkey Quizno's ad. They give me the creeps. They are disturbing. But somehow, it's got to be a good thing to allow the mainstream to get weirder and weirder, right? Allowing for more artistic freedom and that sort of thing? Or something like that.

Speaking of delightful weirdness, if you didn't see the Triplets of Belleville yet, go see it if possible! Or rent it later! But it definitely deserves watching. A French animated movie with no dialogue, it's wonderfully creative and new, while being in an older style of animation that brings Betty Boop and Tex Avery to mind. Beautifully done film, disturbing and surreal, and it has a fabulous soundtrack - I wish I could go watch it again.


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