Hit Hit Hit!

This was the weekend of paintball and partying. Amazing how much you can fit into two days (and how much money you can spend). Diego mentioned his surprise that I enjoyed the paintball, and I admit I was surprised as well, but there's a pretty simple reason why. First of all, being a girl who hates guns, I had a good excuse to suck miserably, not be able to hit anyone, and hide behind a stump for most of the time. So, I didn't feel like I had not lived up to any expectations to actually be good at it. I mean, really, hitting targets (esp. moving targets) requires practice, so of course I'm not going to come very close my very first time. The guns didn't bother me, because what scares me about guns is the hard kick-back, which paintball guns don't do, and the fact that they shoot bullets, which paintball guns don't. I did get hit in the head twice, and it stung a little, but I got worse bruises when I used to fence than anything yesterday. One of our friends did get four shots in the back at close range, and she looks like someone drove a chairleg into her back - huge welted bruises. I got off lucky. Anyway, I wasn't scared out on the field because I treated it like a game in my mind - I didn't think about the fact that it was as close as I hopefully will ever get to what a real combat experience would be - I didn't think about what it would be like if the guns were real - it was a game and nothing more, and I had a lot of fun. Sometimes its nice being female because you don't feel that pressure to be macho and brave - people are impressed if you just get out there.

After the paintballing, we went to our favorite pub for food and beer, and after much beer, then went to another bar for pool and dancing, then back to our house for more beer. More beer was consumed than has been consumed by my friends in quite a long time, and worse hangovers were had today than have been had lately as well. Compounded by battle wounds from yesterday. Yeech.

It was a good time. I'm glad Diego organized the paintball, because my husband totally loved it. He was raised by Daniel Boone, so he didn't get hit at all and he brought down quite a few guys on the other side. And now I can add paintball to my list of things that I have done in my lifetime. I think the bungee jumping and skydiving and other things that involve heights, such as climbing up ladders, will have to wait til I'm a braver girl.


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