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Finally, Yahoo BB is installed and the internet is back within my grasp. It has been a long time since regular net access. Since about June 15. Much too long. And it has been so long and such an overwhelmingly full last three months that I have no idea how to sum it all up. It's hot here. And I really like teaching. And I miss friends at home terribly. I like the food here though. Even the weird coffee-flavored jello with little creamer cups to pour on top. We have a few pieces of furniture finally, although our beautiful huge clear-pictured 2nd-hand tv is still sitting atop a suitcase. The people in the neighborhood are starting to react with smiles instead of guardedness and the kids don't stop and stare any longer. We're getting used to the place. Begging for fall and cooler weather though. I have to take a shower after the walk uphill for 20 minutes to get home from school, because it's so darn hot!

Also, we are now both completely paranoid about earthquakes, having been through three in the last week. They were not big here, but still scary when you're on the 5th floor. Every time a truck rumbles by, we both stop and look at each other, hands to the tatami checking for that rolling motion, like the apartment building is on top of a ship at sea. Also had 2 typhoons, which were basically just a lot of wind and rain, and one cancelled day of classes.

As I begin to piece my mind back together, I'll add some more coherent updates. Everything is so different here, I'm not sure what to say about it really. I suppose you can leave a comment if you have anything you're dying to know about life here. And I will soon begin work on a photo page, so it is coming... just slowly.


At 12:18 AM, Blogger ~Mysterio~ said...

Well then yoru husband can get up at 10 am and talk to me on xbox live while i am at work :0

At 4:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dansen says....
now that you have internet you can slow down and never update like me ^o^*;; oops!! ...welcome to the net.. yes, please do a photo page (you can use fotolog.net for a pic-blog from your keitai) and anyway, update update update! anyway, see u all on the flipside... oh and i am going to mail trench on the keitai ^-^


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