Himeji Castle

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We spent today wandering around the hallways and grounds of the oldest undamaged castle in Japan. It has been relatively unchanged for 400 years, having been the only castle to have escaped damage from war, even WWII. For more photos, check out the photoblog. It was very surreal to look out small windows designed to have arrows shot out them, or through small holes that were for dropping stones on anyone trying to scale the outside wall. We saw the rooms where the princess and her servants prepared her makeup and dress. We walked by small enclosures where defending warriors would wait for intruders. Every wall was lined with weapons racks. The castle is incredibly beautiful, and it looms over the city of Himeji like a mountain. It is called the white heron because it looks like a heron in flight. I can't help but think of all the warriors, servants, and people who lived there 400 years ago and wonder what they would think about the troops of tourists that now circulate the castle and grounds in a steady stream, listening to tour guides or checking the guidebook for tidbits of information about the history of this stone or that well. Would they believe it?


At 6:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dansen says.. so in essence the tourists are the new invadeeeers and there is no one to drop stones on them?? wooo i am deep ^o^ hehe

At 9:53 AM, Blogger Diego said...

Thanks for the photos! Sounds like a pretty cool castle with lots of history built into it. Glad you guys got to be tourists before you went to work.


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