Just woke up to the sound of the van that drives through our parking lot advertising for an electronics store through a megaphone - camera, speakers, video camera are the words I can understand since they are the same as english. I can hear another too w/ a woman's voice and a sound like a phone ringing to get your attention. There's also a van in the evenings with a woman singing through the megaphone. I think it sells shaved ice because she mentions the flavors melon and blue hawaii. In Bham its likely cooling off by now - here its about 31 C every day. It takes too long to type on this phone so thats all for now. Hopefully net within the next few days.


At 7:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The pretty hippy -- Yep, it is starting to get a little cool here. It's not cold and rainy yet but it will be soon. It has to hold off for the weekend because it's Greek Fest this weekend. You know we wait all year for that. We miss you guys and wish you were here.


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