25% ?

Well, still working on learning how to do stuff here, but getting a little more acclimated. My classes are already at mid-terms, and I just realized that we've been here for 3 months now, and if we decide to stay for just one year, we're already one-quarter done with our time here in Japan. I have no idea how long we'll stay yet, but it's just weird to think the past 3 months have gone that fast. It feels like we just got here. I still have learned almost none of the language, which I'm annoyed with myself for, and I need to start studying. We'll sign up for a tutor at the local international center soon. I did find a yoga class in English, and a fabulous Indian restaurant, and even a Seattle's Best Coffee, so life's not too bad. But it does get a little depressing when no one will sit next to you on the overcrowded train and when the counter girl at McDonald's runs away from you in fear because she can't understand your pronunciation of "choco-reto shake-y". It will get better I'm sure and I just need to hit the books I guess. But most of the time I feel guilty for obviously annoying and disturbing everyone around just with my presence. I don't like to make people feel uncomfortable and afraid to even try to talk to me. All the more reason to study Japanese I know... but it is draining on your self-esteem. I just laughed myself silly checking out www.engrish.com. One of my students has a pencil case with a gingerbread-shaped "mr happy" on it, which promises that mr happy will "steal inside your mind" to give you pleasant thoughts. It makes me crack up every time I see it.

We sent off the absentee ballots last week. It's been interesting to watch the election news from here. I'm really glad we don't have to put up with the campaign tv commericals though - I'm already tired of hearing the candidates do nothing but bash each other. I don't care what you think of the other guy, I want to hear what you yourself are planning to do. But they don't seem to mention that too much. I'm curious about how it will turn out - it's so close that it seems hard to predict what's going to happen.

Hopefully the typhoon season will end now. Some of the areas near us had some major flooding as a result of the last one, but luckily we're on a big hill, so as long as there's not a landslide, we're OK. And we didn't feel the big earthquakes today that northern Japan had. We need to find some places to go to get out of suburban wasteland. I want to walk through some trees and bushes instead of concrete. When we were planning to come here, I was hoping that we wouldn't end up in the countryside, but now I think it could've been a more satisfying experience in many ways. Although probably even harder to survive with no Japanese skills. Oh well, I like where we are, but want to see some more diverse places than just underground shopping malls. I wasn't a big clothes shopper even in a country where they did sell things in my size, but here it seems to be the only leisure past-time readily available (other than drinking and karaoke). Need to find a copy of Lonely Planet Hiking Japan or something...


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dansen says... yeah time flies huh?? really enjoying you guyz photoblog, and read your whole 25% entry, if you have time, enter more thoughts, those were vivid. best of luck!


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