apologies for never updating this blog. if you are bored, please check out the wabi sabi wa photoblog (link on the left sidebar), which is frequently updated and shows much more interesting views of the area than I have the time or energy to describe right now here. i will be back and updating eventually i think, but my focus for the moment is concentrated on the here and now, and not really on the net. maybe at the end of the year i will write a retrospective and sum up all the experiences at once. and right now, a haagen-daz rich milk crispy sandwich is calling me. did they have these in the u.s.? if so, why did i never discover them? sweet manna...


At 6:32 AM, Blogger Diego said...

I do check the photoblog, and it is interesting to see the many sights and so forth. Haagen Dazs makes the best things in the world. But you should update more about your job and stuff!


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