spring cleaning

A few updates to the blog. A bit of a new look, also addition of a new contributor. Things in life are just more fun when shared, so now this will be a joint blog in the spirit of sharing. I have the flu at the moment, so this will not be a very inspired post. It was feeling like spring for 3 glorious days of above-55 degree weather, made even warmer by my fever. Today it was back to freezing and snowing. Tomorrow we will have sushi and admire Hina dolls left out past the holiday just so we could view them by a new friend. We made the big decision to return to the US when my contract ends this summer, so it feels even more important to soak up as much of "here" as we can during our remaining time. We love it here, but there are important reasons for us to go home, and Japan will always be here for us when we are ready to return. We have gone through a series of illnesses, flus, colds, that have taken up most of the winter, so really there's not much to say about the last few months. Waiting for the warm weather.


At 2:13 PM, Blogger Nymeria said...

Lisa, Nick and I really think you should all move to Portland and party with us. By party we really mean game. Just so you know, Portland is a lot like Bellingham only bigger and weirder and with jobs. All three of us have 'full time' jobs. We think you would really like it, a lot.


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