hooray for science

Now, because of the bravery of Mr. Lee, society will no longer automatically assume that I will be the one in our family to bear the children just because I am female. People around the world of all possible genders owe a great debt to him, and to everyone at RYT Hospital and their innovative research programs. And we can even sign up for Genochoice, to be sure that our baby can be exactly the way we design it. Be sure also to check out the personal webjournal of the brilliant Dr. Liu. And you will be cheating yourself if you don't read some of the comments on his posts as well. That mouse with the intelligence of a human being that they developed though? That's just not natural.


vantage point

vantage point
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Yesterday we went hiking on trails that go through the mountains behind our apartment complex. It was incredible to be amongst trees on dirt trails (sometimes it was more like rockclimbing than hiking). We spend so much time here surrounded by buildings and train stations, it was really refreshing for the soul. Actually, the areas we walked through looked very similar to Pacific NW USA trails - parts of it looked just like the arboretum on the WWU campus. It is strange to remember where we were at this point last year, so excited to experience the unknown. And now it feels familiar and comfortable here, even though we are still discovering new things every day.

We are in the middle of Golden Week here. Last Friday, and this Tues - Thurs. are all national holidays, so everyone is off work and the weather has been perfect. The last few weeks have been difficult for people in our area. The terrible train accident recently was a train that connected our town of Takarazuka to Osaka, so many of the people involved were from our area. Both of us have students who lost family members, and neighboring schools lost students. It really shook the communities. It affected so many people directly, and it reminded everyone else that we never really know if or when something like that could happen to us or our families. So, live your life with that awareness, and tell your loved ones that you love them whenever you can. I'm trying to do the same.